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This session provide you some information on the places of interest close to Mile 36 Lodge.


Kinabalu Park HQ

It is 1.5Km from Mile 36 Lodge.  It is the entry point of Kinabalu Park.  Several activities that one can do in the Kinabalu Park:

-     Climb the summit, either 2 days or 1 day climb.  Permit to the climb is required.

-     Plant watching at botanical garden

-     Trek around the park

-     Enjoy the café or dinning in the park

-     Enjoy scenery thru the 20 minutes drive or more than 1 hour walk to Timpohon gate, which is the starting point of the summit climb

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Kundasang Area

Desa Dairy Farm

About 8km from the lodge, access thru Kundasang Town.  A very great place for family with children.  Nice scenery especially early morning with a clear Mt Kinabalu as background of the farm.  

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Kundasang War Memorial

Located at the side of the town center.  Very beautiful gardens and clear view of the Villages, Valley and Mt Kinabalu.

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Kundasang Town

5 Km away from Mile 36 Lodge.  A small town with 30 over shops surrounding the town.  Fresh food market at the side of the town.  One can purchase very fresh vegetable harvest from Kundasang highland as well as highland flowers.  On Thursday afternoon till Friday afternoon one can experience the Kundasang Friday market.  There is one Alliance Bank and ATM machine, Petrol station, Clinic and a few mini market shop good for purchase barang barang.  For a meal there is a few coffee shop serving local dishes, one KFC restaurant and some BBQ stall along the road side and coffee shops.


Masilau Nature Park

At the end of road toward Masilau from Kundasang Town, is Masilau Nature Park.  There are some trails there, and it is also the alternative way to get access to the summit of Mt Kinabalu.  One will passes by many home stay, resort, golf course and about 8km from Kundasang Town it is the end of the road where Masilau Nature Park located.

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Ranau Area

Poring Hotspring

Poring hotspring is about 50 minutes drive from Mile 36 Lodge, or 20 minutes drive from Ranau Town.  One of the most popular place of interest in this area suitable for family and small or large group of people.  One can enjoy a few activities in one location:

-     Soak in the hot spring pool

-     Enjoy the scenery at the tree top thru Canopy walk

-     Soak in the nature spring water in the water falls

-     Enjoy watching butterflies in the butterfly park

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Fish Spa


Sabah Tea


Ranau Town

Ranau town is a bigger town than Kundasang, about 30 minutes drive from Mile 36 Lodge.  It is good for a meal, tea break, draw money from ATM machine, pump petrol for car and purchase barang barang.