Mile 36 Lodge @ Mt. Kinabalu

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Kg Kalanggaan, Mile 36, Kundasang, Sabah, Malaysia 89300

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今天,部分旧路还保留了原来的样子,其他的旧路则已提升和归入现有的公路。对旧路感兴趣的朋友不妨参考文章A journey to the past 。而山里度假村继往开来,接手前人留下的宝贵建筑遗产,加工修饰后开放给公众作为度假之用。山里度假村的开业可阅读文章Path to a Peaceful Heart by Irene Obon published in New Sabah Times on the 8 December 2013.


Mile 36 or Batu Tiga Puluh Enam in Malay Language is the common name used by the local people to identify the area around Mile 36 Lodge. Mile 36 was counted based on the old road from Tamparuli at the foot of the mountain, toward Ranau direction. Compare to the existing road, the old road is longer and much more difficult to drive thru. Mile 36 reminds the older generation about the development throughout the years around Mt Kinabalu and surrounding. Many people who lived or worked in Mt Kinabalu in the past could tell many stories and happening back in the old days at Mt Kinabalu.

Today, part of the old road is still existed in its original form, and part of the old road has turn into the existing road with asphalt pavement. For those interested with the old road the following are some information A journey to the past

Mile 36 Lodge inherited the few buildings of the past, transformed them to decent accommodation for guests who visit Mt Kinabalu. For more information on the Mile 36 Lodge, the following is an Article Path to a Peaceful Heart by Irene Obon published in New Sabah Times on the 8 December 2013.